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So successful was the reunion gig, that another was organised in 1995, again at the Springvale Club. Once more the band played to a packed house, and folk were asking whether this was going to become a regular event. However, two reunions were two more than anybody had expected and no further gigs were envisaged. However, January 2001 saw them in action once again for a very special occasion, when they did an hour's spot, to the great surprise and delight of the guests. And yet again . . . May 3rd 2002 saw Herbies People performing live once more for the landmark birthday of Mike Taylor. In February 2005 the band again reformed for a gig at the Springvale Club in Bilston. The object was to raise money for the Asian Tsunami Appeal. Due to the hard work and commitment of Dan, the band raised £2600. More . . .
In 1993, Herbies People were asked by the Bilston Member of Parliament, Dennis Turner, if they would be prepared to reunite for a special nostalgic gig in aid of charity at the Springvale Club, in Bilston. The lads were delighted to have been asked. They got together for a practice session and fell at once into the routine of playing together again, as if no time had elapsed. The banter was still ribald and good-humoured. The result was a fabulous night of rock'n'roll and nostalgia to a packed house. The band had certainly not lost any of their energy and enthusiasm.
Logistics for effecting a reunion gig fall to the lot of Lee and Ian Beddow, Len's sons. Lee runs his own successful recording studio, Abbey Sound, where the band can rehearse undisturbed. He also provides the instruments and amplification. Ian is a performer in his own right with a great stage act. They obviously got the bug from dad!
Logistics of a Reunion Gig
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Ken Hooper, Bill Bates, Pete Walton, Alan Lacey, Lee Beddow, Pete Stevens, carrying Danny Robinson.
Alan Lacey, Pete Stevens, Len Beddow, Danny Robinson, Mike Taylor, Pete Walton
The Beddow Boys: Ian, Len, Lee