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The group met their manager Bill Bates when, as a public health inspector, his job took him from Jersey to Bilston. While taking a walk one evening he heard the band practising at the Toc-H Club (a venue shared with The 'N'Betweens, later known as Slade). Impressed, Bill went inside to listen closer and to introduced himself. Bill was already a successful song writer. His song "Will I What?" had been a top 10 hit for Mike Sarne. In 1975 The Band of the Black Watch had a hit with Bill’s composition, “Scotch on the Rocks”. (Click title to hear the original version). Artists PJ Proby and Clinton Ford have also recorded his material. Bill married the sister of Ken Lewis of the chart- topping recording group The Ivy League. The band held Bill in very high regard, and it was due largely to his influence that the Ramrods changed their name to Herbie's People. He wrote a song for them, "You Thrill Me to Pieces", which secured the beginning of a significant relationship that spawned a recording contract with Southern Music, and resulted in some fascinating and original records. Sadly, Bill passed away in July 2001.
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Bill Bates in 1998 Courtesy of Joy Bates
Courtesy of Joy Bates