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Herbie’s People appearing at the Liverpool Club in Düsseldorf in 1966


Herbie's People arrived at the Liverpool Club in Graf Adolf Strasse in Düsseldorf late in the afternoon of 1st January 1966, after an arduous journey. Already a crowd was awaiting them outside the club. The lads were sent to their hotel and, despite having had nothing to eat, were ready to play an eight hour stint that night, from eight till four in the morning. They worked those hours every night for 5 weeks, plus three hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for teenage matinees. There is no doubt that the group's popularity grew in Düsseldorf as word got around about the great new group from England. The Liverpool Club was heaving at every session at weekends. To save their voices, they tuned their instruments a whole tone lower. They nurtured their voices and stamina by regularly eating a spurious German currywurst, or steak with eggs. Danny had a special "singing mixture" of which he was proud, for his breakfast every day: porridge oats mixed with cold milk - but he said he enjoyed it! Dark German alt quenched their thirsts at night, usually paid for by the customers for performing requested numbers.
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