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A-side: YOU THRILL ME TO PIECES B-side: SWEET AND TENDER ROMANCE Entered the UK top 40 December 1965. Both sides written by Bill Bates. Also released in Australia on the W & G label, but with A- and B-sides reversed.
A-side: ONE LITTLE SMILE B-side: YOU NEVER KNOW One Little Smile released April 1966, written by John Carter and Ken Lewis. You Never Know penned by Bill Bates.
A-side: SEMI-DETACHED SUBURBAN MR JONES B-side: RESIDENTIAL AREA USA and Australia only.  One of the group's biggest disappointments was when their excellent rendition of Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones was shelved because Manfred Mann decided to issue the song in UK, amending "Mr Jones" to "Mr James" (in deference to Paul Jones who had just left them). It went on to become No. 1 in UK However, Herbie's People's version was issued in USA on the Okey label as the flip side to their own composition, Residential Area.
A-side: HUMMING BIRD B-side: RESIDENTIAL AREA Instead of Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones, the record company released another Bill Bates song, Humming Bird, a complicated vocal harmony arrangement which was over-produced. The B side was Residential Area, written by Danny Robinson and Mike Taylor. The song was used in the sound track of the film Poor Cow.
A-side: THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME B-side: - The band's next planned single, Thank You for Loving Me, another Carter-Lewis number, was shelved when their group, the Ivy League, decided to issue their own recording of it. This was a further disappointment to the band.

As Herbie’s People

As Just Willam

A-side: I DON’T CARE B-side: CHERRYWOOD GREEN For their next record, the band used the pseudonym "Just William" and issued the blisteringly good “I Don't Care”. The flip-side, “Cherrywood Green” was written by Danny Robinson and Mike Taylor

As The Bullring

A-side: BIRMINGHAM BRASS BAND B-side: LADY OF THE MORNING SUN The group used another pseudonym, "The Bullring" for their next record, “Birmingham Brass Band”, which was a brilliantly produced novelty number with a marching brass band rhythm. “Lady of the Morning Sun” was a well-produced, lilting, melodic song for the flip-side.
Just William Standing: Danny Robinson, Pete Stevens, Brian Powney, Alan Lacey, Seated: Len Beddow.